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  • Loans feature fixed and affordable payments

  • $300 - $9,000 repayable over 7 to 46 months

  • No credit history required to apply

Affordable, fixed payments

Our loans feature fixed, affordable payments over 7 to 46 months. No changes to your payment amounts and no penalty for pre-payment.

No credit history required

Many of our customers had no credit history when their first Oportun loan was approved.

Establish credit history

We report customer accounts to major credit bureaus. Customers who repay their loans on time might be able to borrow more over time.

More than 1,400,000 clients have already trusted Oportun

Oportun helped me when I first moved into a house. I needed to pay first and last month's rent as a deposit and this was the opportunity to help me with my new beginning and also to establish a better credit rating.

Anette from Delano, CA

Three years ago, I found myself in the hospital with an unexpected surgery. My bills were behind by a month or two. Thank you to your company and lending me the money to pay my bills I was able to heal and not be so stressed out.

Mayra from San Diego, CA

This loan will help me do much needed repairs on my car. My car provides me with the daily transportation needed to get me to and from work. Oportun has assisted me with having my car for yet another year. For this, I am grateful!

Mary from Compton, CA

The pipes in my house were clogged and I had my children and grandchildren living with me. We stayed in a hotel for several days, and little by little I was running out of savings. Thank God they told me about Oportun and was able to fix my house.

Maria from Houston, TX

Thanks to the loan I received from Oportun I bought some things for my house like a refrigerator, a stove, and a living room set that were already very old, and that way I could make my wife and children happy.

Ruben from Chicago, IL

Our loans can help with anything from security deposits to auto repairs to emergencies.

Security Deposits, Auto Repairs, Emergencies

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